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Change - Transformation #edublog challenge This challenge, thanks to Nathaniel,  has led me to do a couple of things, get back onto the blogging track and reflect on where I am now after a major change in my life.  I've focussed on the recent events in my life as an educator, and started searching for some images that resonate and will enable  me to use them as a way of telling my story.  As  Nathaniel in  Teaching at the end of the Earth  reflects, sometimes  blogging is a series of random thoughts and ramblings. My aim to cut the eternal procrastination, is to just get it all down.  Over four years ago I departed the comfort of New Zealand to travel to Hong Kong to live as an expat educator  as a professional development coach and teacher in an  International School.  This image is me and a couple of colleagues on my first Chinese New Year, at Ocean Park on the "Hair Raiser Roller Coaster". What a range of emotions from pure delight to absolute terror, a r

Re-imaging Learning - #EdBlogNZ Connected Educator challenge

Re-imaging Learners and Learning The Ulearn15 Conference has caused me to revisit ideas that I’ve been exploring for the past couple of years, in particular, the idea of re-imaging learners and learning. I think of myself as ‘always learning’ and certainly appreciate the opportunities to learn that have come my way. My involvement with the PLPcommunity enabled me to gain connected coaching certification and led me on a journey discovering what it was like to be a co-learner in an online environment. This process leads me to revisit and unpack all my concepts of learning and view what a learner looked like through a different lens. We were asked to unpack the “Other 21st century Skills ‘ list by Tony Wagner, select the 3 top skills and use the online environment as the lens. (image: My top three skills are agility & adaptability, collaboration across networks, empathy & global st

Jump in the water's fine !

After many reminders to oneself, so many notes and scribbled attempts, reading amazing, thought provoking blogs from my PLN I guess there's only one thing to do..Jump in and join the discussions. Thanks Matt for posing the question that helped me realise that my ideas don't have to be an essay, it's perfectly all right to comment, observe, describe a process or an idea. " What Digital Tools Do You Use to Capture and Advance Student Learning?"    @ReadByExample "A  Real Cool Tool" as described by a busy teacher, Tellagmi, a free iOS app, enables you to create a short animated movies.  As a technology teacher and coach, I’ve used  “Gamis” in a number of ways.  You first create and customise a character, and then choose a background, either from the app or your camera roll. This is where you can get to be creative, you can choose to either record your own voice or type in the text, the text to